• Have a credit card (VISA / Mastercard / American Express).
  • Current driver's license.
  • Credit card (VISA / Mastercard / American Express).
  • Tarjeta de débito (VISA/Mastercard/American Express).
  • Gasoline is not included in the total contribution, vehicle should be returned with the same fuel level it vas received.
  • We recommend Magna gasoline our vehicles use Magna fuel that's the one we recommend.
  • Adocar Rental Cancun has the permissions for you to enter and egress Belize if you require such permit it should be directly with our offices.
  • Brands or models in our website are illustrative only, reserve vehicles by category, so if it is not available the type of car you will require similar.
  • As soon as you receive your vehicle and sign the contract we will apply a lock on your credit card which will be released from the presented credit card the end of the contract.
  • If you need to return the car in a different location from which I take it will cost extra for more information call 01 800 831 6280.
  • It is a civil liability coverage for damages to third parties in your person or material goods, for the rented vehicle. This insurance has coverage for $ 750,000.00 pesos.
  • This coverage is an extension and complement of the public liability coverage which will cover up to $3,000,000.00 Mexican pesos to third persons or their properties. It also will include legal assistance if required.
  • This coverage reduces the title holder’s responsibility for payment, in case of partial or total loss of the rented vehicle to a stipulated deductible according to the rented vehicle. It is applicable when the damage is more than the stipulated deductible for collision, if the damages are less than the stipulated deductible, then the total value of all damages will be charge to the client.
  • This coverage partially liberates the client of the responsibility for the partial or total theft of the rented vehicle. If this coverage is declined, the client shall be liable for the total cost of the replacement up to the total amount of the rented vehicle. If the client accepts the TP coverage, he/she will only be liable for the stipulated amount of the deductible on the rental contract.
  • This coverage eliminates all liability in damages or total or partial theft, offering a superior coverage to that offered by credit cards or any other means, it allows you to control your budget and not have additional charges, this coverage is invalidated if the terms are breached and conditions agreed upon when signing the rental agreement. This protection does not include the loss or damage of keys, plates, fines and / or cranes.
  • This coverage is for medical expenses to the title holder of the rental contract and the authorized occupants of the rented vehicle; in case of an accident.


  • This coverage eliminates all liability for damage to the tires, rims and glass of the rented vehicle.
  • Terms and conditions apply. (Does not apply if the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs).
  • (Highway assistance) this coverage offers road assistance required for the rented vehicle (jump, starts, changing of tires, locksmith in case car keys are locked in the rented vehicle, gasoline), (does not include the cost of the gasoline). Some restrictions may apply.


  • Loss Damage Waiver 0% Deductible (LDW).
  • Professional liability insurance (PLI).
  • Theft Protection (TP).
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW).
  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI).
  • Unlimited mileage.
  • Legal assistance insurance.
  • 24 Hours Rent.
  • Unlimited Mileage.
  • Theft Insurance.
  • Legal Assistence.

Thank you for booking with Adocar Rental.